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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: Testimonials

Where are you based?

I am an undergraduate student based in Hampshire, England, UK. However, I also hold a full driver's license and have my own car to help me get from A to B, so I can be on hand wherever your shoot is. Please note that I will charge travel expenses, either by car mileage or public transport fares

How much do you charge?

The prices for my services are a combination of material costs, kit insurance and personal costs, and will vary depending on the project budget. My universal flat rate is £110/day plus expenses. Clients will have to contact me independently with a task brief before I can give them a quote. It should also be noted that I do not work for free or just for exposure

What products do you use?

Due to how unique each project and each client is, it's crucial to be as versatile as possible. Therefore, I try not to limit myself and keep a variety of different products in my working kit. I will often use Kryolan products as my go-to for when I'm working on film shoots because of the quality when under the scrutiny of lights and cameras  

How can I get in touch with you?

I absolutely love talking to people about projects. For business and collaboration inquiries, visit the 'Contact' tab and write me your ideas. Or email:
Or, for more frequent updates, follow my social medias Instagram/Facebook:


What inspired you to get into makeup?

I was about 13 and idly watching YouTube videos when I stumbled across a horror movie makeup tutorial. Naturally, I immediately rushed out to buy a Halloween kit of greasepaints and liquid latex, and did my best to recreate what I had seen. Instantly, the power of being able to radically change my appearance gave me impossible freedom, as I could turn myself into anything and anyone. It became my shape-shifting superpower

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