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Special Effects

As a confident and qualified SFX artist, I am ready to help you with whatever your project might demand. Whether you're looking for a high fashion editorial look, theatrical character design, or a gory injury and monsterous creation - I'm your girl

Special Effects: Services

Special Effects

If you're looking for injuries, malformations, and inhuman creations; say no more. I love pushing the limits of the human body, whether that is creating horrific bodily injury, or seeing just how far it can twist and mutate into another form

Cosmetic Makeup

Whether it's for a special occasion, a photography shoot, or a fashionable on-screen character - We all like to look our best. It’s my pleasure to provide, and with a wide range of products at my disposal, I have something for every model

Sculpts and Casts

Behind every good application, is a good set of moulds and casts. My skills with latex, silicone and clay mean that I can cast any concept you can conceive, and get it cast, coloured, and shipped up to your shoots ready for application

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Makeup Gallery

Special Effects: Gallery
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