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Hello! I'm Phoebe Measures, and I'm a Special Effects Makeup Artist for all your creative projects.

To me, my special effects makeup is a superpower; being able to take a person's image and transform it into something entirely different. So, with my brushes in my work belt and my trusty makeup case in hand, I'll make sure to do you proud. 

I hold a Level 5 qualification in Makeup and Hair Design, and a Level 3 qualification in SFX makeup and application, which means I am well versed in a variety of different styles and fashions of makeup.  

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Available Services

With skills in a variety of creative fields from concepts to sculpting to application,
I am ready to assist you with whatever your project might need


Makeup and Prosthetics


Prop Making


Past Projects



“Phoebe is some sort of magician when it comes to practical effects. She can make convincing monster and body horror practical effects out of the most unassuming resources available, and when she IS given the resources to work with... the results are extraordinary and most certainly otherworldly and unsettling. She's a phenomenal asset to any film crew, and I'm not sure how I'd bring my horrors to life onscreen without her.” 

– Max Albrecht, Writer/Director at Critical Mask Pictures 

“Phoebe is a lively, talented and vibrant artist with a welcoming but professional demeanour. Working with them as a model was eye-opening and inspiring, whilst also being filled with laughter and enjoyment. I would happily take part in future projects with this artist, especially with regards to their SFX work.”

– Jake Pugh, UWL Acting Graduate 

“Phoebe Measures is an incredible makeup artist who creatively thrives in her craft and is easy to work and get along with. She has demonstrated an impressive ability to adapt to demanding requests and produce a quality service. Her professionalism and passion she displays towards her field truly cements her ability as a makeup artist.” 

– Dion Russell, Freelance Script Supervisor and Art Department

“Miss Measures is a delight to work with, always taking the time to ensure that her models are comfortable. Her passion for her art is invigorating and dedication is exemplary. On all occasions that we have worked together, she has been nothing but a delight to work alongside and her craftsmanship has never failed to stun or inspire me.”

- Harrison Edwards, RPG Game Master  


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